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White Shirt – How, Where & WOW !!!

For me fashion is about being comfortable and confident in what I wear and not just going by the rules. There are days where I could live in my PJs, days where I want to dazzle in a designer dress like a diva and then there are days where I just don’t want to think beyond my classic white shirt & jeans.

Yes!  Hi guys and welcome to my new post on the Classic White Shirt – my go to apparel, my quick fix for work, party, dinner, movies, you name it! 

A classic white shirt without a doubt, is one of the easiest to style. There’s a lot you can do with a few tweaks & tricks and to to prove it, I’ve put together three distinct looks that work for different moods & occasions.

3 Looks – 1 Shirt :


For this first look I’ve paired my white shirt with a pair of stretch jeans and animal print pumps with a hint of color. For the jewellery, I’ve kept it simple with pearls for my earrings and a layered neck piece in silver and white pearls. Appropriate for a day to night look at work, to a casual dinner with friends or folks.



The second look is very simple, white shirt paired with a frill detail skirt and black pumps, simple stud earrings to go with the shirt and an elegant watch to complete the look & you end up with a great ensemble for a meeting. If you’re more comfortable with trousers, you can tuck the shirt in well fitted trousers and get going.


The third look is easy to pull off and clearly my favourite as I love wearing shorts to beat the heat in Goa. So if you’re looking for a casual and comfy outfit, a white shirt can be an easy replacement to tank tops and Tee shirts making you stand out. For this look, I’ve played with a little colour by teaming my shirt with a tricolor neck piece and pink sneakers. Now I’m ready to roll 😉

What Fits You Best Wins:

Now that you have a fair idea of how to make one shirt work for you in three different ways, what you also need to remember while shopping is the fit of the shirt. White is a color that makes you look fuller by drawing a lot of attention to you, while black does the exact opposite. So when it comes to choosing a white shirt, always go for one that fits well on your body type and doesn’t seem too loose or bulky unless you are wearing an oversized or unbuttoned shirt as an overall, which is appropriate for a casual look.




White Shirts Style Trends:

Just to help with a few references, I’ve put together a list of White Shirts for office as well as casual wear from, under the budget of INR 1000. You can also find similar shirts on other sites like Famella, Ajio & Koovs too, but it’s slightly more cumbersome to search there. 

There are different styles of white shirts available online, I prefer a simple buttoned white shirt that I can use as a crop, tie knot shirt and so on as shared in the 3 looks above. What is also classy and comfortable is a long line shirt that can be tucked into your skirt/ trousers well, thus eliminating the need to keep tucking it in before a meeting or when you’re getting up from your work desk in the office. (A common ordeal for office going women).

A white ruffle sleeve shirt is very appropriate and an upgrade over the classic white shirt. Pair them with a pair of monochrome pants or tuck them into a pair of colored or striped culottes to get a classic work wear style.

If you’re looking for a bold look that goes well for a day to night look, then pick an off shoulder shirt and pair them with a knee length skirt. while for a classic no fuss look, the classic shirt has to be my go to apparel apt for the office.

A trend since the early 20’s –is the boyfriend shirt, there are many tutorials how to style an oversize / boyfriend shirt without much hassle and goes well with the summer vibe. Here is an oversized shirt from Koovs which is over the set budget and not easily available, but if you don’t find one, a one size bigger shirt should work too.

I hope this detailed guide helped you with all the information you need before you purchase your next white shirt and gives you the confidence to experiment more with the pieces you may already have in your closet. It’s never too late to turn your old pieces into modern ensembles.

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