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    Easy to Style: Nautical Trend

    This is not another breton top story and neither am I going to spell out the history of the Nautical trend. Did you know that this trend was founded specifically post the World War 2 ? drawn from the uniforms and colors then worn by the navy and significantly has grown to become a favorite ever since. It’s an ageless trend which many a times goes unnoticed but hey, I’ve got some interesting styles and fun references to share that will help you make the most of this trend. Lets see how… It’s an ageless trend which many a times goes unnoticed but hey, for today’s blog post, I bring…

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    Let’s Keep It Casual

    As casual as this may sound, I missed you guys! It’s taken a while for me to recover from my health issues, get back into work mode and finally back to best part – Blogging.  Life sometimes gets very challenging and this forceful break from Material Girl made me realize how much I need this side of me to be out there. For today’s post I wanted to get on to a very fun topic we all struggle with – “casual wear”. College, work or no work, we all need our favourite casual wear in line with the growing trends, Don’t we?  So how bout creating some fusion looks with…

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    Stripe em Up – Trendy Stripes are Back & How!

    Lately, all I see on Instagram, Pinterest and alike are these pretty stripe pieces taking center stage. This made me wanting to know of how far the #stripe trend has gotten. This is one classy trend that gets better with each passing year. Stripes seem to work their way through any season, mood and work way beyond standard work wear staples. It may come as a surprise to you, as it did to me, but did you know? 31st March is termed as the National Stripes Day by J Crew. This just proves how infectious this trend has been over the years.  Designers reinvent these styles year on year making this…


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