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    Lured into the Azzure

    A holiday in North Goa, is how we spent our weekend doing just about nothing amidst the chaos. No points for guessing, today’s post is about my staycation at Azzure by Spree, Calangute. Placed well among the buzzing nightlife & beaches in Calangute, the Azzure by Spree Hotels offers best of both worlds. A cozy haven, set against a green carpeted backdrop of the fields. Location: Located off the highway, the hotel surrounded by lush green fields and just 1.3 km away from the famous Calangute beach. The hotel offers a decent parking space with a beautiful swimming pool to beat the heat. The sun-beds are just what you need…

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    Easy to Style: Nautical Trend

    This is not another breton top story and neither am I going to spell out the history of the Nautical trend. Did you know that this trend was founded specifically post the World War 2 ? drawn from the uniforms and colors then worn by the navy and significantly has grown to become a favorite ever since. It’s an ageless trend which many a times goes unnoticed but hey, I’ve got some interesting styles and fun references to share that will help you make the most of this trend. Lets see how… It’s an ageless trend which many a times goes unnoticed but hey, for today’s blog post, I bring…

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    Tripping over Chiang Mai – Thailand Diaries

    We all reach to a point in life where work-life balance is of utmost importance. When you just don’t have the time, how do you sit back and relax? I decided to WRITE. I remember wanting a break so bad, that I just booked my tickets with no plans. So here it is… MY TRAVEL SERIES, sounds very trippy doesn’t it?  😉 This is about the few places I visited during my vacation to Thailand. I’ve also put together a list of activities to indulge in based on my own experiences.    For today’s article, I’m going to share the fulfilling experience I had in the beautiful city of Chiang…

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    2018: My Year My Goals

    Ever thought of what your 2018 should look like. MaterialGirl has it figured out . Well at least I have a plan put together to work towards my goals and want to share with you how important the year 2017 and the New Year is to me. You too will be able to see how resolutions are quantifiable and achievable if you do put your 100% into what you want to achieve. No this is not a step by step guide but can be your guide to understand how resolutions work and help you plan for a goal that you haven’t been able or aspire to achieve, personal or professional!


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