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Starters to Dessert at Moki Bar & Kitchen

Hi guys !

Welcome to my first food feature. I am looking to sharing my love for food and the experiences Goa has in store for you through the year. I am a foodie though it may not show ( yesss!!!) but I can be a little difficult to impress, especially because I don’t just look out for a place that serves great food, instead I look for an experience and in this section I want you to partake in my foodie fables.

DISCLAIMER: This article is just based on my personal experience and is NOT a sponsored review. 

So I visited the MOKI- Bar & Kitchen few days back and since I’ve been meaning to write about my food and dining experiences in Goa, I thought MOKI should be on my list ! Why? you will know as you read !


Moki is the place for a mid week relaxed night out.  A terraced setting overlooking the Sangolda street, the elevator opens straight into a small passage with rough rocky textured white walls, almost like entering a cave, you then see this beautiful yellow door and next to it a wall with dazzling fairy lights and photographs, and that’s when you realize how pretty this place really is. The wooden furniture and baskets tied up as ceiling lamps add to the rustic yet Goan look & feel of the restaurant. The pop colored cycle and exam board menus in the basket are some details you can’t miss.

IMG_5961 (3).JPG

I am a fan of fairy lights, so enjoyed them to a casual setting. The warm lights are apt for a romantic dinner date with that special someone. A perfect restaurant for some cute selfies.

IMG_5981 (2).jpg

One need not over dress but you can definitely go in your best casual wear. I kept it simple by wearing a pair of denims teamed up with my newly purchased top from Shein and a pair of gladiator sandals to complete the look. My hair was washed and dried leaving a frizzy hair look apt for a casual night out. You could opt for minimal or no makeup, its a choice I leave to you, I chose to go with the former.

IMG_6089 (2)
Orange Mustard Chicken with BBQ Sauce

Known for its Continental Cuisine and fusion of flavours, I indulged in Turkish Chicken and then also gobbled on the Orange Mustard Chicken with BBQ sauce. Let me confess, I can eat a lot but this was one day I behaved myself as I had already been feeding myself all day.

Turkish Chicken

Chef Sanjay was of great help when it came to deciding on dessert. I have to say the choices were pretty exciting and I was confused between the Creme Brûlée and the Mango Panna Cotta. So as he walked each table post the meal, ( not sure if it’s a ritual)  he did approach our table and sorted my confusion over the dessert by suggesting a lovely portion of Baileys Creme Brûlée that he served us himself and made us feel special. Thank You !


All in all, our experience at Moki was very pleasing with the overall service and ambience. To top it off we had some interaction with the Chef and staff that gave a sense of belonging. It’s very evident how passionate the team really is about the food & service.

A meal here will cost you INR 1500/- for two and they have an extensive alcohol menu as well.

IMG_6184 (3).JPG

A laid back appearance coupled with good food makes this a favourable restaurant for a quick grub with buddies or for drinks on a weekday with some go to snacking options from their vast menu. Apt for casual night out with friends/ family, a must try for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.

Now I have the munchies!!
Do send your feedback and share comments below if you liked the review or  not.

Enjoy your weekend and see you soon next week!

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