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Sassy Trends to Look Out For In 2019

Hey Guys so Can you believe it? One whole month of 2019 has passed and so quick. Hope you guys had a splendid start to the New Year. I for one have had so much going on… Enough said, I’m thrilled to be doing this post, this time on “Sassy trends to look out for in 2019”.

These are some very fun, challenging and sporty looks to get inspired by through the seasons ahead. Based on a few articles I’ve read and the fashion week updates, I’ve picked few favorite trends of 2019.  Only few have made it to this list, based on my favourite and wearable choices. Hope to see many of you trying these looks out yourself.

  • Living Coral:

Pantone Color Institute announced “Living Coral” to be the chosen color of the year 2019 which comes as no surprise to me. Usually the color of the year is a color suited for the spring – summer collection.

I’m sure not many of you have heard of this shade before and definitely want to know more. Just to make it simple, here is a video link of the color “Living Coral”.

In my opinion this shade falls somewhere between a coral orange and coral pink. Being a bright yet mellow, it’s not all that easy to style this shade of coral and so I have made set of looks I found will make this color wearable in 2019. I have created fun info-graphic which will sum up my styling suggestions for “Living Coral”

Ways to Style Living Coral Trend for the Season
Living Coral

Since Valentine’s Day is round the corner, I suggest replacing the all-time favourite RED for the trendsetting Living Coral this Season and flaunt that smile while you do so.

  • Tie & Dye:

I’m sure many of you have already heard of the Tie & Dye coloring trend which is seen a lot in the Bandhini dupattas, salwars and skirts we may have somewhere lying in our closets.

Earlier in the 60- 70’s tie & dye was more so used to re-invent old tees and plain outfits to make them look more crisp and edgy, but end of 2018 had it clear that the Tie & dye trend will be hot in stores the coming 2019. I’m definitely routing to pick few pieces for the summer for some beach days and try putting up some fusion pieces together.

The trend definitely makes me nostalgic as I’ve been fascinated to try the tie & dye trend myself now since my early teens. I remember using white cotton top and plying round with tread to create few patterns.  Maybe sometime I will also share a little DIY with you on the tie and dye trend. What say?  (Hopefully better my tie & dye skills)

Here are a few of my styling tips put together in the form of an info-graphic, hope you enjoy it:

Tie & Dye Trend
Tie & Dye
  • Fringing:

Ok so I have to admit, I haven’t been much of hoarder of any fringe garments yet, but 2019 is probably that year. I have been looking t lot of great pieces garments and just can’t get enough of this trend. The only pieces of fringe detailing I have in my possession is a sling bag and a summer shrug which I’ve overused a lot through last summer season. 

You can see the pics below… Also have a look at how you can wear this trend without looking for too much attention and still have fun. Here are a few simple ways to carry this trend and make the most of the ‘Fringe Trend’ this 2019. 

Fringe Details
Fringe Trend
  • Earthy Tones: 

Another carry forward trend of 2018 to now 2019 is the use of earthy tones, Olive greens, toffee browns, are some tones that fall under the Earthy Tones theme. 
I have been obsessing over the sunset orange to a rust like brown shade lately after being exposed to intensively reading about and seeing a lot of it at the spring – summer fashion week specials. 

So earlier in the 90’s the earthy tones were very much used in classic professional set ups and more so used maybe suits/ overalls and cover ups in the winter season. Today a lot has changed and the trend is becoming more popular through the year with influence of models, celebrities carrying off this trend so well.

I have a few browns in the form of shorts and pants that I’ve work in many of my posts and on a regular. I remember being totally excited purchasing my Olive green overalls and flaunting them in my College Look post. Just so glad it still made it to the Trend List for 2019 as well. Besides my own experiments I’ve seen a few fun ways to mix a match a few colors to make the right earthy outfit … so here is an info-graphic of some inspirations.

Earthy Tones for all Seasons
Earthy Tones
  • Statement Sleeves

Winters to spring calls for large bells sleeves, ruffles and so on. This year we will see lot of the statement sleeve trend all through.

Bishop sleeves is a very sleek classy sleeve type that is one step over the bell sleeves we used to think were then classy. Bishop sleeves have this balloon effect for the top to the end which closes around the wrist at the other end, more so seen in formal wear probably in n M&S store near you. European brands like H&M, Mango etc. have been showcasing such sleeves in their collection throughout 208 , which has now spilled over into 209. Whether a Playsuit, bohemian midi dress or a long mxi gown, the long bishop sleeve stands out perfectly.

Flounce sleeves are very similar to the bell sleeves but stand out to be very subtle and neat. The style is created by using a separate piece of circular-cut fabric to make the sleeve. It then creates a ruffle effect / bell like shape that gives flounce sleeves their flare.  

Ruffle sleeves are all over the place when you think of it.  It’s just too much fun with such sleeves and the detail is sporty yet elegant to try on. From street style to the ramps the Ruffle sleeve is also my favourite style to try. Pair your ruffle sleeve shirt with simple designs such as cropped, straight-leg trousers. 

There are many more statement sleeves to write bout like the Off-shoulders, Cold-shoulder and the Extra-long sleeve which are seen all over … I for one, have also been using the cold shoulder and off shoulder trend for my sarees off late. This looks very elegant yet stylish to pull off, for a non- traditional look.  I’ve put together few western & Indian variations to the Statement Sleeves trend for you to make most use of this trend.

The Statement Sleeves for Indian & Western Looks
Indian & Western Sleeve Trend

So these were some of the trends I’m definitely going to sport all through this year & hope to see you in them too. I look forward to sharing a more detailed post on each trend as we progress in this very fun – frolic year.  

Trends definitely change and it’s not necessity to follow any, but its definite to want to have some fun with fashion, so if you have any suggestions for future posts and want me to put together specific look books, feel free to share your views in the comments below.

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