Sarojini Nagar Market
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Sarojini Nagar, Delhi – shop till you drop

Hello there,  and hope you are as excited as I am for yet another fun Blog post!

It’s been awhile since my trip to Delhi, the heart of the Country. We had travelled during a so called godman’s trial and the media had made it seem as though our trip would be a complete failure, fortunately for us, this wasn’t true. The Goan philosophy of being laid back worked out for day 1, but the bug in me to explore drove me nuts. So on day 2, with our hearts on our sleeves we got out and took the public transport to the nearest metro station and started off with a visit to the Qutub Minar. We had to test the waters and get a fair idea of the risks of getting out. To our relief the issue did creep up but not to a very large extent, thus we learnt soon enough that it was safe to travel, and my journey through Delhi began.

I’d been meaning to meet vendors who deal in western wear in and around India and thought Delhi should be the first on my list. Be it Sarojini Nagar, Palika Bazaar, and so on… Sarojini stood out for me, as it was a one stop shop for all kinds of purchases – Clothes, Bags, Footwear you name it. Not just that, it’s a very economical shopping adda (spot) which makes it irresistible and this is why I felt the need to share with you and other travelers (more so shopaholics), what went down in that one day’s visit to the “Sarojini Nagar Market”

Sarojini Nagar Market
Sarojini Nagar Market

In today’s post I am not only sharing my experience at the famous Sarojini Nagar Market, but also spilling out all the information you need…from hiring a taxi to grabbing a bite and the bargaining tips… Take Notes!! 😉

To start with, when you reach the market, don’t bother trying to figure the Ins & outs of the market, it’s too vast and full of makeshift stalls to complete in a day’s time. The market is divided into two areas, one that goes around a garden and the other has a small complex selling merchandise and clothing which also has street stalls. The street stalls sell the merchandise at lowest prices and do not tender bills for any purchase, while the shops mostly do give a bill towards transactions, card payments are accepted too. But I didn’t bother stepping into the shops as the same item available at the street stall were priced 15% lower to the shops and  the deals on bulks were even sweeter.

I started my day with a quick purchase of these Swanky Scarves – Pineapples and beach bums as I like to call them. The colors and the graphics on these two scarves are very “me” – Goan and vibrant, so had to pick them up and guess what ? I got these at a stellar price of Rs 100 for both (Yay !!!) In most markets in India, vendors talk about the “Bonii” – I hope I got the spelling right, which means first sale of the day, this is considered as good luck to the vendor for the rest of the day’s sale. He may even lower his price in the beginning of the day to get his first customer and kind of create his own luck! 🙂

While walking around, I was taken through all latest trends of the season, the stuff I’d seen girls wearing in the Metro. Cut out sleeves tops, graphic tees, peasant sleeve tops, Jeans, ripped leggings, and off shoulder tops were some of the interesting finds. Popular brands like Billabong, Only, etc. were available and sold at a decent price, worth the bargain. I must say the quality of the clothing (even non-branded) was on point, but you ought to scan through, as many of the items get worn and torn while transporting the goods everyday to the market.

The most interesting fact about the market is that, as you go deeper into the market, the prices tend to drop as well. It was like, I was in a buy on budget game and I was winning. now, come to think of it, I wish I’d shopped a little more!

So here is another mix and match piece I picked up from the shop. A Billabong Sequin Skirt and a matching off white Spaghetti Top again for just 200 Rs each, which after bargaining, I got for 100 Rs each, No Kidding!!

Oh yes! If you’re into bags and stuff, just note all the bags seen below are at fixed price of Rs 200 each, I picked 2.

The lovely Sandals you see me wearing were picked up at the market for Rs 250 which were so comfy that I didn’t feel like taking them off.

Jewelry vendors have different price of Earrings and other trinkets starting from Rs 50 to Rs 600, Just bargain and you can get the same at 50% discount. Who would want to shop online if things in this century are so reasonably cheap and affordable to buy & wear!  I picked my fair share of jewelry towards the end as I was getting tired.

As stated earlier, not all the stuff is of best “Brand Quality”, but you do find surplus goods in the market and copies of original brands like Woodland wallets, Nike Shoes, Caps, Phone covers. You would have to screen each item to look for any wear & tear but most are in good condition and proper fit. For instance, while buying a pair of Jeans! I did manage to pick a lovely pair…but to my dismay, I realized the waist was one size smaller when I tried them once home. My cousin on the other hand got a pair of well-fitted Hollister denims @Rs 200/-

Now let me tell you my overall shopping expense. I paid about Rs 1500/-  for 17 items  ( clothes, bags, a pair of sandals, and earrings ) can you believe it???

To summarize my shopping experience, I’ve put down a few FAQ’s that’s you may want to look at before leaving the house: 

Overall review: A one stop shopping area for everyone! (You can get suits stitched too)

How do I get there? : Depending on where you’re staying, the closest metro station should help you reach INA Metro Station where you could hire an Ola Cab / auto (tuk tuk) to get you to the Sarojini market. The auto won’t always go by the meter so you need to bargain.

Closest Metro stations: INA Metro Station & Gate No. 2 to Sarojini Nagar Market is at a distance of just 5 kilometer. You can take an auto from INA to reach Sarojini Nagar metro.

Approximate price: Anywhere from Rs 50  – Rs 500 for apparels, if you enter the shops they charge a little higher.

Jewellery is Rs 50 – Rs 600 depending on type.

Bags were sold at Rs 200 each

Where to Grab a Meal:  “South Square Mall” is the right place to catch a quick bite. Outlets like Haldirams, Rollmaal and some other eateries are available there

Tip: The makeshift stall vendors deal in cash only, so carry hard notes and change, phew we had a hard time (demonetization, zindabaad), unless you go into the shops


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