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Reviewed : Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush Palette

I used to never bother much with beauty other than using an eyeliner and lip gloss, but over the last few years in the hospitality industry, I have gotten used to self grooming and learnt how it changes your way of looking at beauty. In a good way of course. Makeup and skincare now has become part of my daily routine.

I haven’t got it all figured out on how makeup works, yet like most enthusiasts, I do indulge in a few good makeup essentials and can proudly say I’ve learnt a few tricks and have managed to contour my face and ace the winged eyeliner to look & feel great. Although I’ve found my love for beauty, I do not overindulge nor am I looking to over invest in makeup and skin care but get the adequate help I need to get me through the day.

So welcome to yet another beauty blog post,  today I’m sharing my experience of using Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Blush Palette. Which has been the go to blush / contour / highlighter  palette for many reasons as shared below. 

Let me just confess how I haven’t  really invested in a Blush palette before and was Always drawn to matte shades… I’m like those people who sticks to the basics, but after watching a lot of beauty bloggers and models donning the highlighted, glossy look I just had to indulge. After hearing about the range of shades available that go very well on Indian skin, The Golden Sugar 2, Rose Gold by Makeup Revolution blush palette in particular was my best bet . I did my research on the various blush palettes and was somehow drawn to the colors and highlighters in this palette. The price tempting enough to click the buy button and straight to checkout without any haste while I did my shopping on where I buy most of my beauty products.

To start with let me tell you a little about the design. A clear black glossy light weight palette that fits very easily in one’s bag offers 8 beautiful color options to choose from. It includes a clear mirror which I’ve been using ever since I received this beauty. Though the palette has a plastic body, the packaging is sleek and bold.

Golden Sugar 2, Rose Gold is the ultimate blush, highlighter, and contour palette for minimalist makeup to an all night long party look.  I was a little skeptical about opting for a glossy and shimmery palette at first as matte would always be my preferred choice. But then I was instantly drawn to this palette as the highlighter / blush options were apt for a subtle look and had the best selection of colors for my skin type. I don’t enjoy wearing too much product and this particular palette just made it so easy and doesn’t need many strokes of the brush to get your cheeks prepped up.

Below is the breakdown of each color and the pigmentation of the shades as noticed on my skin.


Top row (from right to left):

  •         Dark Nude matte shade which may not look very impressive but serves as a fairly soft contour shade for your cheeks
  •         Baked light gold shade which is bright and offers a great highlight with soft yellow undertone.
  •         Rose gold peachy highlighter shade which is this sweet blush/highlighter for all show points.
  •         Light pink shade which gives a very natural pink blend, apt for regular day adding a subtle pink hue to your cheeks

Bottom row (from left to right):

  •         Cool Highlighter in pale pink, is just right as a highlighter and effortlessly beautiful
  •         Solid pink shimmery blush is well pigmented and my personal favourite among the blush shades for a dewy look
  •         Oh My Gold Highlighter – this is what I’d love to call it! Just the right shade I need for a summer hue blends very well on tanned skin.
  •         Light nude matte shade which currently isn’t showing on my skin, would need a few strokes to work as a bronzer. I’d still use it for a subtle look during the day.

The Verdict:

Golden Sugar Rose Gold 2 palette carries the trending rosy shades and blends very well onto my cheeks even the brighter shade, pink blush matches the Indian skin tone very well especially on tanned skin, making my cheeks look pink yet not overly dolled up.

As it’s clear in the photographs, I’ve used a lot of the Nude shades in matte, now it is to contour my cheekbones, while the other shades too have been used but need a light stroke as compared to these matte shades.

Priced at INR 1,148 /- an absolute must have for this price and with 8 colors to play around with.

I have been using this palette for over 2 months now and I am very happy with it.  If you too grab your hands on this palette or have anytime used Makeup Revolution products do share your feedback down below in the comments section.

I would love to have an open dialogue with all you beauty buffs /enthusiasts like me on the products you like and recommend.

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Photographs by  Rahul Prabhu

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