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Be Kiss Ready – Nykaa Lip Palette


I am always on the look out for the right lip shades, right hair products and so on…  So today thought to review the ” Nykaa Sealed with a Kiss Palette”. As Nykaa states, this is definitely a multitasking palette.

Nykaa sealed with a kiss palette is one of the most economic and practical options. My go to solution for multitasking between work and play. Be it work or party or last minute touch up, I have found the ultimate fix . A blusher, eyeshadow or a lip color, all this at a very affordable price.


The Nykaa sealed with a kiss palette is available in 4 variants

  • Girl Boss 01
  • Flower Child 02
  • Bare Crush 03
  • Bold & beautiful 04

My choice for today’s review is the Bare Crush palette. I decided to pick this particular palette because I needed something convenient to fit into a bag. Easy to use and has about 6 shades to choose from, what more to ask for?

This palette in particular offers more nude shades apt for all kinds of occasions. An instant favourite as I wanted a set of nude lip shades for a while now. Not just as a lip color palette, but also multitasks as a Blusher and Eye shadow.


I will be reviewing the Nykaa Bare Crush Palette based on the following characteristics:

  1. Shades
  2. Pigmentation
  3. Affordability


So let’s just get into the first bit..

  1. Shades: so I picked this particular palette since it had nude and lighter tones which was unlike the other available options. Nude shades of pinks and browns makes this a great selection for all kinds of occasions and creates a new shade when combined well together
  2. Pigmentation: oh yes very well pigmented cream based Matt lip colors that offers intense coverage and blends easily over the lips . The lip palette comes with a 2 in 1 lip liner filler. Each shade is a class apart and can be blended well to multitask as a blush
  3. Affordability: so what about cost eh? Well well this is where it gets interesting… the Nykaa sealed with a kiss palettes come at a affordable price of Rs 650/-



I for one am enjoying this palette and have loads of fun with the few combinations I’ve created as shown in the pics below… You too can have fun with the 6 in 1 palette and carry it easily around when you travel, party or doing all that and more

                                                                                           Left Side Shades 



Right Side Shades 


Hope you like this review and let’s catch up on more about this color palette in my stories on Instagram … if you too have tried the palette do share your experiences below

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Photographs by  Rahul Prabhu



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