posing by the Bougainvillea

RED – The Color of the Season

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Last week I shared my favorite “Party Look” that I’m guessing made many people sing “Swalla” all evening. Well, this terrific Tuesday is all about making a bold statement by finding your TRUE color. Be it a dinner date, a work party or an event launch, Bold and Beautiful is the way to go.

So without much ado let’s talk about Today’s Look, “The Lady in RED”.

Laughing away
Laughter is the best medicine

Have you ever noticed your man goggle-eyed when dressed in Red?  if you haven’t   already, then here’s that chance ladies!  Don’t believe me? Read the Telegraph’s article that suggests so – click here

I’ve put all skepticism to rest by trying this look and believe me, I earned a lot of compliments for it. You sure will!

posing against a Bougainvillea

So yes, I’m referring to this lovely Jumpsuit by Noble Faith. Every time I wear this piece, the halter neck and the shoulders make me look tall and bold. The well pleated detail and the lean fit add to the beauty of this piece. To top it off, the sweetheart neckline is my favorite ! 

All set for the Cameras
Always smiling

As you see this lovely lady in Red 😉 you must’ve noticed how this ensemble has created a whole new mood and brought out the fun in the shots we took, but with the right attitude and confidence, any outfit can be rocked beautifully.  

RED has been dominating the Fall 2017-18 shows. It’s not just me who believes so, even Vogue has all the details to spill – click here to know more.

There is so much you can do when going out dressed in RED. To experiment further one can also accessorize further with a jacket or a scarf that goes well with the jumpsuit, especially in the cold. A crop blazer or a shimmer jacket too would work wonders on your body! It breaks the lean silhouette into two, clearly defining your upper body from your lower. This look works well on a Wedge body type (wide shoulders with narrow waist and hips). Same has been showed below for your reference

Standing tall in red jumpsuit
Thinking of my next pose
  • For shoes:

I am fond of heels but a comfy pair of flats is always a winner. You can definitely opt for a black or nude pair of heels as they go with any outfit. I would also recommend going for a pair of clear heels – the ultimate barely-there’s. These basically are transparent & makes one feel like your not wearing any footwear.  For this look, I’ve gone all bling on my feet and worn a pair of closed flats which go well with my accessories.

  • Jewellery:

RED is a bold color and doesn’t need too much of bling yet a contrasting color of jewels that work well with your face and hairdo is never a bad idea.

As I was getting ready to shoot this look, these Jhumkas were on my dress, staring at me, so I felt the urge to try them on. What you see, is an experiment gone well !

Besides the Jhumkas, you can also try pair a contrasting color danglers or bold studs that compliment the look. A choker can do wonders as well.

Long stresses
Caught in Action
  • Makeup:

The overall make up has to be blending and not pop. No red lipstick (red on red is too much unnecessary attention, but if you can rock it, go for it ☺). I’ve used a nude tone lip color with a tan blush and black eyeliner to keep it bright yet subtle.

I’ve been using a lot of Body Shop and Make Up Revolution Make Up which works well on oily skin.

Stay tuned for our Nude Make Up story next TUESDAY with all the little things you need to know about your makeup and how to keep a lasting impression!

Messy Bun
Messy Bun
  • Stresses:

Tie ‘em up or leave it to one side in a twisted pony. I’ve tried going for a pony and a bun in between shots to get some variety.  I’ve also enjoyed this tutorial by Ashley from Luxy Hair on a twisted up-do, you can adopt it to complete the look and do let me know if it was of help.

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