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Easy to Style: Nautical Trend

This is not another breton top story and neither am I going to spell out the history of the Nautical trend. Did you know that this trend was founded specifically post the World War 2 ? drawn from the uniforms and colors then worn by the navy and significantly has grown to become a favorite ever since. It’s an ageless trend which many a times goes unnoticed but hey, I’ve got some interesting styles and fun references to share that will help you make the most of this trend. Lets see how…

It’s an ageless trend which many a times goes unnoticed but hey, for today’s blog post, I bring together interesting styles and tips that will help you make the most of this trend in the long run.

What is Nautical?

Are you thinking, what I’m thinking? well yes, Blue – White – Red is the first thought that came to my head. Put these together and you have the right formula to create the perfect Nautical Look.

There are so many ways to put together a nautical look with seamless effort and here, I’ll show you how. Easiest being, use of subtle pieces with symbols like- anchors, ships. Patters like stripes, navy and white colors to finally create a look for the summer season. Why nautical for summers? well why not? I for one, love the idea as nautical theme, especially since it reminds me of setting sail, the beach, relaxed lifestyle and the holidays. For most of us in India, we holiday during April to May – the summer season, so what better way to merge the two. Nautical fashion is a classic trend, very chic and not to mention, minimalist.

So here are a few fashionable ideas you can draw inspiration from and make your own ensemble. Let me start with a little about the outfit I put together for a beach day with my hubby last weekend.

The STRIPE Ease:

Let me tell you how much I love co-ord sets, moreover how they make styling a very easy process. Whenever I have a work event or a casual day out, I love to go minimal and not wear too many colors … Similarly, you must have seen me wear nothing more than three colors of clothing at one time. That’s exactly how I roll.

For this particular look, I love how this co-ord set made the perfect match for my beach day . Its a simple summer look with a vertical striped co-ord pant and top set that I picked while I was on vacation to Bangkok . What you see here is, my H&M white shirt layered over the striped crop top & pants as I wanted to add extra weight to my outfit. The Hat just gets me in the mood for summer, paired with a refreshing pair of white gladiator sandals.

Sometimes less is more and in my case to point out, this holds true. For this look, as can be seen, I’ve made my point with subtle dewy makeup, plum red lips, A summer hat of course and finally making a statement in my red sunglasses to add the right amount of RED to create this nautical vibe.

I have put together some easy styling tips based on the above Nautical Look. As a matter of fact, you can follow these tips and can get your fix for the summer in these looks.

Break the Co-Ord

Well this is pretty simple. All you need to do is replace the striped pant for a matching white skirt. ( pleated or straight fit ) Based on your body type, team it up with a pair of Red Stilettos / heels. Equally important is accessories – red earrings, a simple red clutch perhaps can go with the overall look. This will make for an amazing casual party outfit.

Here are a few links to some affordable pieces that you can shop from stores to get the above look:

The Layer Game:

Get your layering game strong with minor changes. Let’s start with a white dress. Pair it with a striped overall, it could also be a boyfriend shirt or a simple waterfall jacket in Red & White. A navy belt fitted around the waist, matching pair of shoes to go with the dress, accessories like hoops to complete the look… all in all this layered look is a must try.

Have a look at the suggested pieces as shown below. Layering is not always a challenge if done right, without overdoing it.

Divide & Rule

This is a fun theory … A classic White shirt is always a hero in most of my outfits and I just couldn’t resist recreating a Nautical look in a classic White Shirt.. So for this look, a classic white shirt is my go to coupled with a pair of Navy pants or skorts whichever you prefer. Moreover, match the outfit with a pair of striped blue & white sneakers or just white and your good to go. What you get is a classic work mode look. If you wanna add some funk to this overall look, I’d wear a red hairband in addition, to compliment the overall look. This makes for a very fun, semi-formal look you could enjoy while at college, work or even the holidays. Its’ that time of the year ya’all.

So what are you waiting for? Get into your wardrobe for your shades of BLUES, WHITES & REDS and get creative. Also don’t forget to have fun whilst your doing so. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

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Until next time, ciao.

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