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Natural Soap – Suda Bubble Review

I have been hearing a lot about natural products lately and have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Now I don’t have any reservations against my usual body soaps and skincare products, but the Suda Bubble new natural soaps got me thinking…

I had to figure out what this hype is all about. On reading a little about natural soaps, I learned that most commercial soaps are not made with natural ingredients ( Fat, liquid and sodium hydroxide ). These soaps contain many other added ingredients which don’t work in favour of one’s skin. Most commercial skincare products do not stay in their purest form when combines with different ingredients. ( not all harm your skin though)

For Today’s post, I wanted to share my experience using the Suda Bubble Soaps. They have a lovely collection of fragrant, pretty soaps made from natural ingredients. Here are the wackiest of them all… Enjoy reading!

Suda Bubble Natural Soaps

Beer Soap

Who needs to drink a can of beer when you can bathe in it! Oh yes, I ain’t joking. Suda Bubble intrigued me with their all-new Beer Soap. Rich in Natural Oils like Coconut oil, Olive and Castor oil; contains distilled water, lye and of course Beer.

Beer Soap

The packaging is simple and chic, in a cute paper wrapped in yellow. The label carries the branding of Suda Bubble along with some brief details on the soap you buy. Each soap type comes in different color wrappers which are cut in the shape of a square brick.

The name – “Beer Soap” caught my eye for sure, but what about results?

The Beer soap as described by Suda Bubble is meant to help reduce acne breakouts. The beer acts as a cleanser wherein it dissolves dead skin cells. Beer here plays a very important role in balancing the pH levels and nourishes one’s skin.  I haven’t seen drastic changes to my skin, but am very satisfied with the glow to my skin. Based on my overall experience what drew me to this soap, is the use of natural ingredients coupled with its refreshing and lasting smell. It definitely makes my skin feel smooth and clear after a warm bath. The texture is creamy and lathers very well which many of the commercial products today lack.

Colorful Packaging

Bentonite Clay Natural Soap

This clay soap is in its most natural and pure form. So, as I started using the Bentonite Clay Soap very soap and I could actually feel a noticeable change. It feels like a mild scrub soap which is not very harsh on the skin, wherein it also helps reduce overproduction of sebum

Bentonite Clay has multiple benefits which are why it’s referred to as the “healing clay”. The clay in Bentonite clay unclogs the skin pores and shrinks them. This formula control overproduction of sebum.

What is sebum? sebum is a yellow oil that secretes out from one’s skin pores to keep hair & skin moisturized. ( Sebum and oily skin are two different things ) The bentonite clay in useful to get rid of toxins from the skin, thereby making skin. This soap works on all skin types and helps regenerate skin tissue.

These are natural products which will definitely have a shorter shelf life if you don’t look after them well. Most soaps are used within a month or two from its date of manufacture, but Suda confirms that their soaps can last a year if kept in a dry place, away from moisture.

Mini soaps


Just wanted to also share a little about Suda Bubble in this section since they are not just into creating soaps but have a larger portfolio.

This team is based locally in Goa in the city of Margao and have been running this venture for a while now. They have a large product list which contains chemical-free products, which are crafted from the most natural of ingredients.

You can visit their Instagram page: for more information and don’t forget to share your experience with me and my readers in the below comments!

Hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I enjoyed my bubbly bath wink!


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