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Date or Not, Celebrate with Myra wines

Hi guys,

So guess what? It’s time to move away from the cliche and break the stereotype of celebrating couples, this Valentines… Celebrate you!

In today’s world we get working, run errands, do the housework and then there are friends to meet and parties to go to, so where is the time for one’s self ?  I am an ambivert and enjoy the best of both worlds – I enjoy a lovely time with family & friends but I can’t do without some lone time.

Enough about me, in today’s post I want to share a few things to make Valentine’s Day a day like no other… a day to celebrate YOU. This post takes you through my idea of a day to yourself in the comforts of your home. Not to forget my love for a glass of wine with Myra Wines.


A typical day at work has ended and I’m headed home.. All I want is some quiet, some great food and maybe catch an early nap… How do I make the most of this day?  I know, how about some wine ?

So here I am laptop open, glass of my favourite red wine and I’m good to go…That’s all the motivation I really need to get me through the evening.

This Valentines, Myra Wines was kind enough to share two of their signature wines “Sauvignon blanc  & Shiraz” from their two headed bird label. I’ve tried the Shiraz and it blew my mind..


THB Shiraz is a purple-red wine is hearty and spicy, infused with wild black-fruit aromas and flavours and round smooth tannin. It’s a fab accompaniment for all kinds of of medium-spicy Indian food. Recommended serving temperature:16° – 18° C

THB Sauvignon Blanc is an easy going semi-dry straw-yellow wine has a light medium body, playful hints of herbaceous and a round taste. It goes great with all kinds of medium-spicy food, and especially well with lightly flavoured Asian fare. Recommended serving temperature:10° C  

Source :


  • Novel Idea:

So what goes well with a glass of wine? Well a lot of things really… Let me start with my favourite way to pass time that keeps me entertained… Reading. I love reading through some realist books  & magazines. Normally I finish reading a novel over the weekend or read in bits but it’s surely bliss to have the time to just sit back and relax, sink in a good book with wine in one hand & the some tidbits to accompany you through..

  •  Fashion Savvy:

Fashion is forever of great interest to me and I love maintaining a log of the looks and trends I come across so yes if you are an avid reader or love to collect, this time can be wisely used to put your mind to rest and enjoy passion for reading, music,and escape into the land of dreams & hope ! Its not at all bad to have some ME time.



  • Binge over Rom-coms:

Now not all of us are book and music buffs but yes who wouldn’t love some #tlc with binge eating and probably come across a popular chic-flick or thriller if you like doing so alone.  I am big on comedy and rom- coms so I’d love to watch old english rom-coms or stick to watching any episode of Friends on the Idiot Box . Now yes Wine is a great companion for the night and to better the experience, I would definitely cook up a lovely meal or order in a Pizza (that is soooo much easier than doing the cooking yourself).



  • Home Spa:

We all love to be pampered, no doubt about that. But after a long day and back home, I’m in no mood to dress up and step out again. So why not take to the tub for a bubble bath or arrange for a spa date thanks to urban clap which allows millennial like us order in a spa / beauticians / hairstylists to our homes, instead of us traveling all the way. To sweeten the deal indulge in Myra’s Misfit Cabernet Shiraz or THB Sauvignon Blanc  along with some spicy nick-knacks like nachos ( personal favourite )

  • Be a vegetable :

how about just doing nothing this Valentine’s ?  yes I mean it, some of us don’t get time to just be … there have been days  where I want to through a tantrum, not do the dishes , no laundry & changing the bed sheets . Just be a vegetable. So order in some chinese food, open my favourite wine, blast my favourite music and later catch-up on some good night sleep so I can be all refreshed and ready to conquer the world … tomorrow.



So here are quick and easy ways to make the most of valentines day without the bae or a mister perfect but a perfect plan to those riding solo.

Don’t forget to share your valentine’s day plans or any funny incident that you would like to share from your valentines day  celebrations of the past.

Photographs by  Rahul Prabhu

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