My Makeup Routine in 6 Easy Steps

As a strong believer of natural beauty and a follower of a cleansing – moisturizing routine, I have to say, a lot has changed in the way I look at beauty today as compared to my teens. At that age I was more focused on my clothes & accessories and didn’t really worry about my skin, as a result I had frequent breakouts that left scars on my once clean skin.

Well we all have our struggles with skin care. There are so many expensive products that guarantee better skin care over the economic options, yet we don’t really see results and get depressed further. But after all these years of experimenting on my skin and consulting more than half a dozen dermatologists, I’ve finally understood how to manage & correct my skin.


For today’s topic I want to highlight my makeup routine since it was requested by many of my peers and a few readers as well. This is a very easy routine and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to set. My routine is a very minimalist, with not too much of product as I use makeup mainly to cover marks and even the skin tone. I do work on my eyes as I love eye makeup, but that depends on the time of the day and the occasion.

So without much fuss, let’s begin…


I always begin any makeup routine by cleansing & washing my face well and patting it dry…

Then I apply a little bit of moisturizer and blend it gently over my skin to moisten my skin. As I had mentioned previously in my skin care routine ( earlier post link: ), I use the Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser to do the job.


Once the moisturizer has been applied all over the face and neck, I take few drops of sunscreen on my ring finger and apply it on my T- zone and blend it lightly on my cheeks and then the rest of my face. I’m currently using a special SPF cream recommended by my dermatologist as I’m also treating my acne and marks, which makes the skin matte and smooth, but a sunscreen with over SPF 20 ( Lakme Sun Control or Neutrogena SPF 50 Sun block) are my go to sun protection creams for regular use.


  1. Base perfecting primer

After completing steps to basic skincare, I start my makeup routine by building a strong base with a light & clear primer.


Currently I’m using the L’Oreal Base Magique Primer which is a little expensive, but since I use it in small amounts and it really works well on my skin, this cost is negligible. It also does the work of a moisturizer, so sometimes I use it directly without applying any moisturizer. Once you’re done applying the primer, you will notice a very smooth coating on your skin and that’s exactly how I like it.

2. Blending foundation

I then apply a few drops of my NYX Liquid Foundation in shade Beige, which nearly matches my skin but is a little darker ( I will definitely go one shade lighter next time I purchase this foundation ).


Why NYX? Well being part of the L’Oreal brand, a French cosmetic company known for their beauty, skincare & hair care products, with over 300 brands besides it’s own label of LO’real products. Big names like Lancôme,  Kérastase  also consumer brands like L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline which are doing superbly well for themselves in the market .I love their products and NYX in particular gives great value for money. I paid under INR 1000 for this 35 ml tube and it works well on my skin.

I also apply a little loose powder from Body Shop using a Kabuki brush and stroke it outward gently over the skin to cover any spots like a concealer.

      3. Focus on them eyes

For the eyes, I like to apply a nude shade of eye shadow to first conceal the eye, this helps accentuate the eye and the eyeliner that will be applied over.


So from my eye shadow palette I pick a shade lighter than my skin and apply it on my eyelid. Once blended well, I then take a black liquid eyeliner ( Nykaa liquid eyeliner) and do a light stroke on my eyelids to highlight the eye. Then I apply Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal on my lower waterline to finish off with the eye makeup.

Also, here is a link to my previous post on eyeliner trends you can experiment with (if you haven’t read it yet) :

      4. Nude lips

I love to keep my lips and eyes in focus for most of my makeup routines, yet since we are talking about a minimalist makeup routine, I usually stick to a nude or a light pink or sometimes just a lip gloss.


Currently among my favourites is the Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain 007 and Lakme’s Absolute Plum Shine in a nude shade which is my goto shade.

      5. Blushing cheeks

Oh yes, every face looks a million bucks with a dash of blush on her cheeks. I never used to apply any shimmer to my cheek bones before and leave it plain and easy, but in the last few years I’ve learnt how the right amount of contouring on the cheek bones adds definition to one’s face.


I usually use a little amount of Honey Bronze Shimmer to pink-up my cheekbones, it’s a non-oily easy to apply bronzer and has hues of peach so goes well on Indian skin tone.   

       6. Mist to set it right

Finally after applying all the makeup, I spray a mist of Makeup Revolution Pro Fix spray on my face to hold my makeup in place for a 9 to 5 lasting effect and I’m all set for the day ahead.


This routine takes about 15 minutes and since I do it on a regular basis, I tend to go a little dramatic with mascara or change the eyeliner color depending on the occasion or my mood.


I hope my face doesn’t scare you off ! 😛

So that’s it for today’s post, If you have any questions regarding the products, or on beauty in general, I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

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