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Living the Big Life in Goa

For a long time now I have been looking to write about experiences in Goa and showcase the best of places or activities one hasn’t heard of or is rather curious to know more about. An opportunity to put this thought into motion was presented to me when The Maharajah Casino by Big Daddy Goa, invited me over to their ship and be part of their “Teen Patti” gaming event held from 22nd to 24th of June.

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  • The Events at Big Daddy’s – MAHARAJAH

Maharajah by Big Daddy organized a Poker Cash Festival Season 1 from 15-17 June 2018. An effort to get the online poker community at one place under one roof. Poker is said to be the fastest growing mind sport in the country with no age limit to participate. Teen Patti is a more Indian take on Poker, meaning three cards. The game was interesting and had me riveted, even though I am an amateur.  If you want to participate in future gigs like this, stay abreast with all the upcoming event updates on the Big Daddy Instagram Page:  @BigDaddyGoa

Since I am not a hard-core gaming enthusiast, I indulged less in gaming and took a detour to discover the other attractions on offer.  For people like me, Maharajah Casino by Big Daddy Goa offers a variety of entertainment acts which can keep you enthralled throughout the night.

  • All Inclusive Packages

The Maharajah offers all inclusive package deals that offer value for your money in the form of giving you chips worth the total amount you spend. So for example if I buy a VIP package of 6000 entry I get chips of Rs 6000 too and to top it off I get a raise of about Rs 1000 worth more chips for just being a sport and taking a VIP seat .

Once you have bought your package, the offshore casino experience kicks in as you have to board a speed boat which carries you to the Maharajah. This in itself is a visual treat as you can see the bright lights of Panaji city flash by as you glide over the serene Mandovi river.

  • Fun and Games for All

The Maharajah has a clear cut design with fun and games on the first 2 levels and Entertainment and Lounging on the topmost level. Simple design with ample amount of games and seating for groups and individuals. I wasn’t able to take any photos at the gaming levels but the ship was packed with guests who were playing games on each level. The VIPs had a special spot on the ship, making them feel special and each level is equipped with a lavish bar counter to satiate the players’ needs during their games which tend to go on for hours.

  • Safety and Service as Promised

I couldn’t fault the service, which was flawless. The staff was always ready and on hand to fetch me something or the other. The entertainment was a good mix of dance, live music and variety acts;  something that would appeal to most tastes. The ambience and interiors were comfortable and rather grand at the same time. At some point, I had the uncanny feeling that I had stepped out of Goa and into another world.  The overall experience certainly seemed slightly larger than life and got me thinking that the Big Life has finally arrived in Goa and is here to stay.

The Maharajah caters to families and offers a safe experience for families with kids. On the deck, the management offers a lounge for kids, which has bunk beds and a play area for little kids to sit back and enjoy. While the games go on, the entertainment continues through the night keeping everyone (including me) interested. The Maharaja had a band playing live music along with lovely dancers and a magic show to set the right tone for the entire night.

  • Drinks for All:

The bar offers ample choices of drinks including mocktails. Alcoholic drinks vary depending on the kind of packages you opt for. These packages start from a minimum of INR 2500 (2000 for ladies)  upto INR 6000 for VIP packages. There are special packages for Groups which you can get on request. Visit their website to get a lowdown of all the packages and inclusions. Here is the link:

VIPs being at the top of the chart enjoy many perks from impressive alcohol packages of Unlimited Imported, Premium & House Brand Drinks to exclusive seating and services and not just that , VIPs also enjoy extra chips over and above their actual VIP entry charge so they have a higher value to bet with 😉

The ambiance of the Maharajah is chic and vibrant, but guess what? The buzz is that Maharajah is just a temporary boat that BigDaddy has brought to Goa, the eventual BIG DADDY GOA will actually be the biggest vessel in Goa.

  • Get Casino Ready :

Now being concerned by the glitz and glamour behind the curtains of a casino, I have to point out that some of us tend to forget that it’s not just about knowing to play the game, but dressing the part as well. So in focus I have to express that one needs to go in a certain dress code to be taken seriously just like most popular Night spots anyways do. So when planning a trip to the casino, stick to smart casuals or what most call Casino Formals.. It’s simple, avoid wearing shorts, sleeveless T-shirts, flip-flops and chappals and you are good to go.


As mentioned earlier, do not miss out on the next gig of Maharajah Casino by Big Daddy Goa. Check out their official website for all offer details to make the most of your Casino experience in Goa.


Don’t forget to tell me about it! Share the details in the comment section below.

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