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What should be the first blog post on Material Girl?

Oh how about Fashion week ? Naah too much is said already!

How about some Bollywood trends? too commercial and they have someone who picks out their clothes for them! I’m sure I can do better

How about reviewing a product ? Noooo way !

LOL these were some of the suggestions for my post, but how would that make me any different?

Then it struck me. I’m an easy going, freestyle fashion follower. I am moody and sometimes love to just be in my pajamas and do nothing! I am not a stalker of trends but at the same time I do have a few fetishes like for WHITE SHIRTS ! oh yeah

I want people to identify with me and being my first post, it had to be a clear reflection of my sense of style. And not just about the trends.  It hasn’t been easy to decide on how to start yet, I’m sure some of you will definitely relate with my thoughts and maybe even get inspired to try a few and make a statement of your own.

Not everything about the Material Girl will be out there. But you can read about me and my interests in the “About” section of the Website.

Coming to the POST 1 of Material Girl, It’s been great fun putting this look together . It inspires me to be different & I hope it inspires you in some way too. I’ve been very excited about the colors & the fun we had shooting for this look! I hope you too enjoy this post as much as I did writing it.

IMG_5844 (2)
A Canoe resting on the Vainguinim Beach

It’s easy to dress up for a beach day ! Just need to add a pop of colors and some solids to break through all the color.

What is a Hippie style?  I’ts an unconventional style, that is easy and very casual. Earlier anything handmade, sewn, knit or woven as macramé, bell bottoms , patch work, peasant sleeves are some examples of trends that have been here since the 1970 and today we still see the influence of the Hippie culture present through Palazzo pants, Ripped Jeans, Tassel earrings and peasant sleeves and more.

I enjoy fluid prints, pastels and fabrics that are light weight and easy to carry.  This is apt for the weather in Goa.  So in this look, you can see how I’ve mixed and matched my favorite high-low maxi skirt along with a basic white top, and a chunky neck piece with danglers and jewellery for this Hip look.

IMG_5813 (2)
Walkway to the Beach


I’m wearing a white lace top from “Westside” with a tassel detail that is apt for the summers. A blue bikini to go with it (while at the beach), this creates an extra burst of color and great fun when combined together. You can also opt for a basic tank top to go with this skirt and complete the above look.

Tassel Trend:

Tassels have become synonymous with all kinds of apparels and merchandise today. Bags, Top wear, Ethnic, even jewellery has a tassel.

IMG_20170820_125119_Bokeh (2)
Textured Skirt from Tata Cliq

Skirt/ Bottom wear

This is lovely skirt I picked from Tata Cliq that’s a high low skirt apt to flaunt your legs. I love this skirt as it is colorful, bright and the texture stands out beautifully.

You could pull off this look by also replacing the skirt with a pair of patiala pants.

IMG_20170820_125113_Bokeh (2)
Comfortable Beige Gladiators

Foot wear:

Look for something relaxing and comfortable when picking your footwear.  I love gladiators, they are airy and light weight.  Which can be easily replaced by mojaris, sandals.


The silver pieces I’m wearing are picked up from the street shops during the high season at Anjuna, Wednesday bazaar. A one stop shop for all your street style apparels & jewellery in Goa.

Its been great writing my thoughts and sharing my story.  If you like our post, do share your feedback / comments with us below.


LOCATION: Vainguinim Beach

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