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Fine Dine at it’s Best @ Bottlejack Bistro

Hey there Binge Squad!

I’m excited to be doing a review after a long time and it’s not about makeup or clothes, instead  it’s a different form of fetish, FOOD!

For today’s binge story I have a very unique fine dine, modish bistro centrally located alongside the busy highway in Porvorim. Yes this is a special review story of my experience at Bottlejack Bistro, where I was treated to a scrumptious meal from starters to dessert combined with service that simply brought a smile to my face!

Standing Tall at BottleJack Bistro

A perfect mix of contemporary design with elements of brick and wood which don’t go unnoticed. One of the first elements that catch your attention is the beautiful large chandelier, which looks heavenly at night. Bottlejack offers an array of seating options, one can enjoy a peaceful meal in the A/C section which is located on the upper floor or soak in the cool breeze in the non A/C section or you can plomp yourself on one of their comfy sofas and enjoy a good read from their vast collection.

thought of the day

sit back

Bottlejack Bistro is a visual treat, with loads of artefacts placed perfectly to give the entire place a very vibrant look. But the thing that caught my eye was a welcome board right at the entrance, and on it was a hashtag  #BEYOUROWNBOTTLEJACK

Before I could ponder over this any further,  I was welcomed by a very warm smile, Paul the Restaurant manager, offered me the right spot for my meal and Tapan ( the server) made sure I was taken care of. This level of hospitality is a very rare sight these days and it shows how much the management of this restaurant value their customers.

BottleJack Menu

Looking at their wide selection of contemporary dishes and specials on the menu, I have to confess I was pleasantly wooed and ready to indulge! The ever-evolving menu and customizable drinks gives you a sense of belonging which proves why #BYOB

Food Review at BottleJack Bistro

Cool off Drinks:

The warm lights and ambience of Bottle Jack offers just the right kinda vibes for a lip smacking drink. The menu offers a very creative selection of mocktails, which made it very difficult for me to pick one, so I did the next best thing, I picked two 😀 My choices for the evening, Ginger Ocean Fizz – pineapple juice and raw ginger julienne with a burst of blue curacao was just the kind of drink for me and  Virgin Mojito – Pineapple as the name suggests a virgin mojito but with flavour and wedges of Pineapple that were very refreshing and on point. I have to highlight, the drinks tasted just right from brim to bottom throughout the courses of the night and was as chilled as I wanted it to be.

Pineapple Mojito

Ginger Ocean Fizz

Paul was kind enough to talk to me and give me some very fine details about the restaurant. The first thing I asked him was, What is #BEYOUROWNBOTTLEJACK, the answer was pretty simple actually, the restaurant does not have alcohol in its menu, but they allow you to carry your own liquor so you can concoct your own unique drink.

Decorative walls at BottleJack Bistro

He also mentioned that they rent out the place for private parties and can cater to about 150 guests, so if anyone wants to throw a party, this place should on top of your list.

Deciding on what to eat

Let’s Talk Food:

Coming to my favourite part was trying Chef Karlton’s style of cooking and the presentation of some spectacular dishes put together by his team. Tapan did a fair job of confusing me with the very indulgent choices of veg and non veg appetizers from their set menu as well as Today’s Special menu, but I narrowed down on 3 dishes

Fish Cakes made from yummy red snappers and served with a rich sauce, which was juicy and creamy from the first bite and the sauce add the the flavours making it an absolute delight to try.

Fish Cakes
Fish Cakes

Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce, the BBQ Sauce no matter how messy it gets, you gotta try this one if your a wings fan, simply finger licking good.

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings in BBQ Sauce

Beef Carpaccio – Italian Special. Carpaccio is defined as raw meat or fish (commonly tuna, salmon, and swordfish), thinly sliced or pounded thin and served as an appetizer or lunch option. It has the right amount of dressing, more so like a salad but very light and although I haven’t eaten raw beef before ,I fell in love with this portion of goodness at first bite! Goes without saying that this was my favourite from the list.

Beef Carpaccio
Beef Carpaccio

Moving on to Main Course, I was now invested and my excitement doubled itself when my order was placed before me. It was like a Royal dinner that reminded me of what cheating looks like, On your diet! I mean 😛

Binge Eating

Without trying to resist myself I took to the plate and tried the Flame Grilled Mediterranean Chicken. So much like a feast on it’s own, the Half chicken is Marinated and Grilled with Spices and Herbs, plated with a generous portion of hummus making this a must have.

Flame Grilled Mediterranean Chicken
Flame Grilled Mediterranean Chicken

It doesn’t end here, next up was the Slow Cooked Pork Spare Ribs. This wasn’t as light as I’d imagined but the succulent flavours just made me wanting more. The Ribs were soft and juicy served along with mashed potato with some dressing on the side. Making it a fair portion to gobble on all night.

Pork Ribs
Slow Cooked Pork Spare Ribs
Slow Cooked Pork Spare Ribs
Slow Cooked Pork Spare Ribs

The Icing on the cake or in this case, the caramel on the mousse was the apt choice made by Chef Sarvesh for dessert. Salted Caramel Mousse with Candied Ginger – the right amount of sweet and salt with Candied Ginger for that extra zing. The sponge cake base with layers of Chocolate mousse and Salted Caramel balls leave a delightful taste in your mouth. Perfect way to top off a fantastic dinner.

Caramel Mousse
Salted Caramel Mousse with Candied Ginger

So here is how I rate the BottleJack Bistro & their Food!

  1. Ambience = 4.5 on 5  
  2. Service = 5 on 5
  3. Drinks = 4 on 5 ( no alcohol license yet)
  4. Food =  4.5 on 5
  5. Price = 4
  6. Location = 5

My Overall Verdict = 4.5 On 5


Sitting quiet

So if you’re looking for that one place full of surprises from Sparkling Mocktails to succulent courses of veg & non-veg specials and sinful desserts then head on down to Bottle Jack Bistro and have yourself a merry meal with friends & family.

So here is the #OOTD update :

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Photographs by  Rahul Prabhu

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