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Color Blocking – #StylewithSneha Series

This is the beginning to a new series called #stylewithsneha. Today is all about creating 3 Colour Blocking sets. Each handpicked piece of apparel put together to recreate – Monochromatic, Analogous & Complementary looks.

Color Spectrum – Source ( Pinterest )
1. Monochromatic :

This form of color blocking consists of using one color throughout the outfit however, different hues from the color spectrum are used to create an outfit.

Style Tip : When styling such outfits try to keep some variation in the hues so that the outfit comes together looking effortless and easy on the eyes.
Monochromatic Color blocking
Monochromatic Color Blocking
  • Outfit Details:
    • Top – Shein India
    • Denims – Marks & Spencer India
2. Analogous 

When two colors close to each other in the color spectrum are put together to create an outfit.

Style tip : When picking analogous form of color blocking you do not have to always select bright colors, you are free to go for toned down hues as well.
Analogous - Color blocking
Analogous form of Color Blocking
  • Outfit Details
    • Top – OnlyIndia
    • Dress – Mark & Spencer India
    • Footwear – Luna Blu
3. Monochromatic: 

When two colors completely opposite each other in color spectrum are put together to create an outfit.

Style Tip : This color combining method works well if you want to standout. I could also be jarring to the eye.
colorblocking - complementary
Complementary form of Color Blocking
  • Outfit Details
    • Top – Only India
    • Trouser – Shein India
Hey find below a link to this IG video I created sometime back using these outfits

Color Blocking is a lot of fun. If you love to play with your wardrobe and experiment with style. Don't forget to wear your style with confidence to rock any of these look. Make sure you're have fun and are comfortable with what you wear, that's what really matters.


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