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    Deyga Organics – Brand Review

    So its a warm Monday afternoon and here I am back with writing a review on a very interesting product range. This brand believes highly in creating Organic skincare products, yes you guessed right – Deyga Organics. With the increasing awareness of what goes into commercial over the counter skincare / beauty products, consumers have moved towards organic skincare solutions. After reading Deyga Organics’ claim of being completely natural, I was happy to try their products myself. So here I’m sharing an account of my experience using the 5 distinct products I picked up from Deyga Organics. Aloe Vera Gel As the brand claims to be Pure – Natural –…

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    WOW Skin Science – My First Impression

    So here is me going back to writing about the new and exciting products I come across. This time it’s the nature-based products by Wow Skin Science and my first hand experience using their products. WOW SKIN SCIENCE – The Brand Just to give you some insight, this Bangalore based brand claims to offer quality beauty & lifestyle products. Their portfolio includes supplements, herbal blends, creams, serums, lotions, shampoos, bath & body products etc. Endorsing these products as natural, health-friendly and easy-to-use for the everyday convenience of the modern urban life. THE TEST As for today’s topic I’m here to give my opinion and review of the Wow science products:…

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    NYX Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette – Brights vs Others

    Today I wanted to share my first hand experience with the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette – Brights. Most of you have a challenge in deciding what palette to choose while there are varied options out there. To reduce that stress, I have put together distinct features of the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette along with other competitive brands within the same price range. The History: This popular brand is a subsidiary of the renowned brand – L’Oreal which was founded in Los Angeles in the year 1999. You will be happy to know that NYX Professional Makeup is certified and acknowledged by Peta as a cruelty-free brand and they offer a wide range…

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    Natural Soap – Suda Bubble Review

    I have been hearing a lot about natural products lately and have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Now I don’t have any reservations against my usual body soaps and skincare products, but the Suda Bubble new natural soaps got me thinking… I had to figure out what this hype is all about. On reading a little about natural soaps, I learned that most commercial soaps are not made with natural ingredients ( Fat, liquid and sodium hydroxide ). These soaps contain many other added ingredients which don’t work in favour of one’s skin. Most commercial skincare products do not stay in their purest form when combines with different ingredients. (…

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    Lured into the Azzure

    A holiday in North Goa, is how we spent our weekend doing just about nothing amidst the chaos. No points for guessing, today’s post is about my staycation at Azzure by Spree, Calangute. Placed well among the buzzing nightlife & beaches in Calangute, the Azzure by Spree Hotels offers best of both worlds. A cozy haven, set against a green carpeted backdrop of the fields. Location: Located off the highway, the hotel surrounded by lush green fields and just 1.3 km away from the famous Calangute beach. The hotel offers a decent parking space with a beautiful swimming pool to beat the heat. The sun-beds are just what you need…

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    Easy to Style: Nautical Trend

    This is not another breton top story and neither am I going to spell out the history of the Nautical trend. Did you know that this trend was founded specifically post the World War 2 ? drawn from the uniforms and colors then worn by the navy and significantly has grown to become a favorite ever since. It’s an ageless trend which many a times goes unnoticed but hey, I’ve got some interesting styles and fun references to share that will help you make the most of this trend. Lets see how… It’s an ageless trend which many a times goes unnoticed but hey, for today’s blog post, I bring…

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    Sassy Trends to Look Out For In 2019

    Hey Guys so Can you believe it? One whole month of 2019 has passed and so quick. Hope you guys had a splendid start to the New Year. I for one have had so much going on… Enough said, I’m thrilled to be doing this post, this time on “Sassy trends to look out for in 2019”. These are some very fun, challenging and sporty looks to get inspired by through the seasons ahead. Based on a few articles I’ve read and the fashion week updates, I’ve picked few favorite trends of 2019.  Only few have made it to this list, based on my favourite and wearable choices. Hope to…

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    Skin & Hair Care this Winter Season

    So winter is here and it’s time to make good use of your thermals wear. At home, the bed sheet covers me through the night, while the a/c takes turns to be on or off while Shizuoka (my little doggie) lay by my feet. That’s about my winter sleep routine, but let’s now come to today’s topic – ‘Skin and Hair Care in Winters’. So now that I have got your attention, let me just dive straight into the different concerns I face and I’m sure many of you ladies and gents face too. Hair Issues Static: Have you noticed in winters, the short strands of hair shoot up like…

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    Bridal Prep Talk

    Hey guys, good day and glad to be back to blogging on some interesting topics for the season. The wedding season is upon us and all I can think of is ‘pastels’ & ‘polkis’ which have been trending through the year. I am one of the few getting hitched by January & wanted to share my experience with you. The aim of this article is to help “to be brides” prep up for your wedding and get most of the to dos out of your way.  I definetly wont be able to talk about each and every aspect of a wedding, but there are a few pointers that can help make a bride…

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    Indo Western Diwali – Lehenga Worn 3 Ways

    There is so much of buzz around the Diwali season. The festivities call for cleaning up your home, dressing it up in lights and preparation of sweets to distribute to family and friends. Nothing is complete without getting the perfect outfit to wear through the days of Diwali. I am a great fan of Lehenga Choli for the festive season. Be it the laxmi puja with family, shopping for dhanteras or kitty parties and other social events. We all need an outfit to look our Diwali best this festive season. Many of you also did ask me to try something more Indian. So I thought why not cover a blog…


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