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Bridal Prep Talk

Hey guys, good day and glad to be back to blogging on some interesting topics for the season. The wedding season is upon us and all I can think of is ‘pastels’ & ‘polkis’ which have been trending through the year.

I am one of the few getting hitched by January & wanted to share my experience with you. The aim of this article is to help “to be brides” prep up for your wedding and get most of the to dos out of your way.  I definetly wont be able to talk about each and every aspect of a wedding, but there are a few pointers that can help make a bride look her ultimate best on her Big Day! and I want to highlight those few key details that go into making a bride feel perfect and stress free. This is to guide brides on their overall look and how to prepare themselves for the wedding after deciding on marriage.

If you are not getting married but have still taken the time to read this, and trust me no one tells you before you take the plunge… I’m sure this will help you be prepared for when it’s your time or you can help your elder sis or cousin with some tips that you come across here.


Put A Ring On It

So this one is to the boys, hope you’re reading this…  Every girl has pictured a proposal at some point in her life… Be it as a kid, watching fairy tales or at the time when she fell for her high school crush. Or at the time she found her true love.

  • Why Engagement:

Ladies, always remember that no matter how long you may be committed to someone, sealing the deal and having few months of courtship before marriage is always advisable. Why you ask? Let me explain… I got engaged in October 2018. Why get engaged when the wedding is just 2 months away? It does seem unnecessary to many.  I did face questions on having an engagement so close to my wedding date.

  • Planning is Best:

Well when you have a lot of running about to do, such important decisions get sidelined. The plan to wed just happened in fluidity once we discussed our feelings for each other to our respective parents… None felt the need to have an official engagement as we had been dating for a while and families too didn’t give us any grief. Deep inside our hearts we did want our families to meet and get to know each other before the BIG DAY! In some cases you tend to ignore the test of time. Oh yes! That’s what happened to us. From 10 months to 6 months and at 4 months, it hit us – we are getting married??? You will get there too and mind you, you may have a lot of running about to do.  Managing an engagement is a task on its own.

  • Lessons Learnt:

So what I’ve learnt is once you have a date, take the near and dear ones and put together a date for you and your family. Give yourself that head start to a new beginning by announcing your love to each other and seal the deal with rings… An engagement kicks you in the butt to get serious on executing the plans you have made for the wedding. This also makes your family realize your love for each other and they begin to take your relationship seriously. It does, at least in our society.


Be Jeweled

Moving on to looking your best during the wedding, plan your expenses and prioritize on bling and ring before anything else. Based on experience I bought a diamond set early on for my wedding. Spent quite a lot only to realize I need more gold jewellery for rest of the wedding ceremonies and reception. Also a lot of us Indian families tend to have customary jewellery that needs to be bought. So make a list of things you need to buy and only after those expenses are covered you can better plan your ornamental jewelry. Definitely buy the things that make you happy, as for most of us it’s more than just an investment and we want to use what we buy.

In my case if I’d thought this through or set a budget for each event on the consumption of gold, plans would have fallen in place. At Indian weddings, gold is a must and ours being an inter-religious wedding I missed on calculating on my total expenses on the traditional jewellery. In Goa, the protocol of most weddings  expects the bride to wear a certain set of gold bangles combined with the chuda (in konkani – chudo) of green glass bangles with reference to a hindu wedding or a mix with some colors in case of catholic weddings


 The Perfect Outfit

Now we come to the most fun part, the outfits. My wedding is an inter faith marriage, for which I did get a bit worried on how I’ll look in certain outfits. So to put things in order, I made sure all my outfits were picked in advance. A lot goes into building an outfit be it colors, hairstyles, accessories, and so on. The time of the day and outfit changes also gets me nervous.


A few pointers to remember while picking your outfits :

  • Shape:

Get your measurements taken in advance, especially for a designer outfit. If you’re a gym freak and will be in and out of shape keep a tab on your weight through the process. Try your outfits few weeks prior to the wedding so if there are further adjustments they can be taken care of.

  • Theme:

Another important aspect of picking the right outfit is the theme if any, now -a -days you see people going in for destinations based on a theme. Beach weddings for instance are very common in Goa…. I’ve seen many weddings on the beach in traditional wear and the wedded couple changes into something more comfortable for the reception party.

Based on my own research in April -May the trend of bright reds, navy, bottle greens in velvet was trending all over for sarees and bridal lehenga suits. But recently the pastel trend has taken center stage starting with celebs like Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli who gave us couple goals in their wedding attire… RED of course is the color for any Indian bride as seen on Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

  • Time of Day:

Many weddings have auspicious times when marriages can be conducted (Hindu weddings). Catholic weddings go on from day nuptials in church and then after sundown, the party begins at an open hall with dancing and dining all night long. Some Hindu weddings are done in a day where the wedding ceremony takes place during the early hours and is followed by lunch the same day or they have a special reception in the evenings some other day.



All to be brides please note, your wedding day calls for a lot of physical stress on your feet. Standing through the reception for wishes from family and friends, a wedding has a lot on the couples shoulder on your big day. It’s no party hun and sure not going to be an easy ride through.

A Church wedding involves wearing heels at the nuptials. Many young ladies choose to change into dancing shoes for the reception. A fun beach wedding is just right for your feet … dance around barefoot if you like. What I also think could help is a pair of wedges or platforms that evenly distribute ones weight. Sneakers have become a huge trend under the gowns for dancing brides. Making it comfortable for brides to walk, run & dance in.. Hindu weddings too have 3-4 events, which calls for naach-gaana & running about as well that all brides & grooms have to get used to.

Thus make sure you don’t keep shoes as a last minute purchase and plan ahead instead. You don’t want to be stared down like this!


Baked For The Take

Ok now coming to the makeup. This is super important to all the brides… As a prerequisite, to be brides should not settle on the looks without doing a makeup trial with the Makeup Artist.

  • Finding MUA :

When planning your wedding. The most amounts of stress are gone into finding the right MUA. I was much stressed looking for a Good stylist for both hair & makeup. Also take down the list of products used by the MUA if possible.  Especially if you have different looks, so you have it with you and can just give a heads up to your MUA 2- 3 days prior.

  • Good Deals:

Another good deal is to arrange for a package of hair and makeup for you and mother of the bride, sister of the bride and entourage maybe. This way you can get a better deal for a group and also demand for a discount. For my own Bridal look, I did trials with about three parlors for hair and makeup before I could narrow down on my choice of Makeup artist and Hairstylist.

  • Finding Inspiration:

When looking for style inspirations, Pinterest, Instagram are some sources of great looks to pick and learn from. I for one go to these sources on a regular… I love the lil’ details makeup artists add to a bridal look with their signature strokes.

Keeping that aside focus should be on looking like a bride and not a layered cake. I love the natural hues trending with a little dash of glitter on the eye lids. With reference to Priyanka Chopra’s bridal shower, she had this very pastel purple eyeshadow on her eyes that I just couldn’t get over.


Manning The Mane

The mane is yet another essential accessory to one’s bridal look and I mean it. If styled well, just a minor detail can make or break your overall look with a bad hairdo.

For the larger parts of my years I’ve really been happy with my thick and straight mane. This year though in July I was treated for with dengue fever. Post recovery in September I started losing hair and not just few strands, but I had bald patches by October… I’m currently under medication and making sure I care for my hair as much. I make sure to stay positive and care for my hair using coconut oil champis, evion capsules and a lot of aloe vera gel.

  • Find your Routine:

What I suggest girls to work on maintaining their hair with a good haircare routine that works for your hair. Like I swear by a hot coconut oil massage for the scalpe to help my roots get stronger and moisturize dry scalpe thereby reducing dandruff and split ends.

Drink a lot of water (about 6 glasses) to give yourself the hydration your body needs. This will show on your skin & hair as well. Another tip would also be to apply castor oil once in a while for better hair growth.


  • Pick your Hairstyle:

Besides treating your mane right lets also look at what styles to go for this wedding season. I love soft curls and the messy buns but a mix up is definitely a right choice. For a traditional ceremony, a loose French braid seems very elegant. Adding a few details, like a flower u-pin into the braid will definitely enhance your look.

  • Pamper Yourself:

I know many of your friends must have already told you this. Don’t leave the pampering for a week or as a last minute decision. Get a hair spa done maybe few months before the big day and also trim them if needed for that extra care. Hair massages play a very pivotal role by accelerating blood floor to the scalpe and makes your hair stay rooted.

So these were some of the things I felt needed to be discussed with many of you planning to wed. Also do not forget to sit back, relax watch your favorite chic-flick and tell me what you think about this article.

So here are some points to keep in mind and incorporate when planning your wedding. Remember to have fun & don’t lose sleep. I for one am thrilled planning my wedding and waiting to hear more about your experiences in the comments section below.

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