Painting the Town Black & White

Hi there Material Girls !

What an exciting February it has been… Phew! So many new things to look forward to and the year has only just begun. I just finished my long overdue Thailand vacation and I still can’t stop smiling from ear to ear whenever I think about it (PS : I’m already making a list of  places I wish to visit sometime soon 😉 ) Now it’s the summer season, which means that the holiday season is not far from us hence its the perfect time to  get into planning those fun days with family and friends. Make it happen guys!

To start the summer with a BANG,  I’ve put together a great Look Book with few favorite black & white pieces from my closet. 

I have been wanting to explore my favourite photoshoot location in all of Goa and the black and white theme for this shoot gave me the perfect opportunity to do this. The colourful alleys and staircases of mini Portugal of Goa – ‘Fontainhas’, provided the ideal backdrop for this shoot

You must be thinking why black and white when the season is all about color! Well yes summers are all about the pop and playful colors and I’d be doing a lot of talking about colors in my next posts, but this is a special post just for the bold & bashful, who want to make heads turn in the best of blacks & whites.


When colors do not do any good for me, I just close my eyes and run to my favourite black & whites to get me through the day. They are like my best friends for when I just cannot pull out a rabbit from my magic hat or something on those lines 😛  Having a bad day? Black & white it is! Getting late for work? B&W binge!


For today’s post I’ve put together 4 simple go to , easy breezy looks that I find are essentially useful for the busy and quirky woman of today. From working women to the simple girl next door or the young teenager reading this, I’m sure many of you ladies can relate to these comforting and easy to style looks I have lined up for you… So take notes 😉


To The Rebel in You

When thinking of casuals and comfort, wearing shorts offers utmost comfort and in my opinion its the most fun form of casual wear that exists!  Mix and match this unique high waist gingham pair of shorts with a black off shoulder top and everything else follows naturally. This look reminds me of every young ambitious girl looking to chase her dreams and without any fuss.  Young lady bikers that rebel against the odds & cross borders with the zeal to achieve and go beyond the mundane… This one is for you!

Wear those boots, be rugged if you will but for most of it be fair, be you! That’s how the color black makes one feel.  It may sound feminist but it is true … The color black to me is strong has a very striking demeanor and proves one’s mettle to deal with whatever the odds.





Stop stressing over the old and forgotten styles of yesterday. My jeans are the oldest piece of clothing I own. This is simply because the trend never fades away or simply gets modified into something beautiful. The millennial crowd today, loves to experiment with old denims. I for one,  love to experiment by giving them a makeover to a withered / distressed jeans. Team it up with a favourite tee or tank top for that simple yet young, not heavy on the pockets wala look! 😛 This is the best way to make your old jeans last longer. Best suited as casual, college wear or fun at the movies with family & friends over the weekend. Pair this with your favourite sneakers or casual flats and your good to go!



Check – Mate

Fan of checks? Then you will like this one…  So I received this pretty checkered dress with cut out sleeves that I just had to include in my post. The simple check design is all that makes it stand out with the simple contrasting belt around the waistline. This creates a very easy breezy everyday look. Easily qualifies for a 9 to 5 look for me and is just right for the after work drinks with the bestie as well!  The interesting thing here is the footwear you pick that will actually decide fate of the dress for the mood/ occasion  you like to carry it. So heels for formals, blocks / platforms for party and flats to keep it simply comfortable.


Black on white

White has a very strong and pure character that draws ones attention. For a very smart yet compelling look, try on a dress with a splash of black, wear that infectious smile and pair it with the right shoes and you’re good to go. In this look,  I chose a block boot pair in swede. Try not to overdo the use of color when working with going black & white clothes, as this kind of takes away from the whole look! For instance, opt for a top to down striped jumpsuit with pink/ red pumps for footwear and a clutch to complete the look.

I hope I covered all there is to the Black & white saga and I would love to see you experiment and share your story with us!  to add to the fun, let’s paint the town Black & White by sharing pics of your favourite #OOTD in #B&W

XOXO – Material Girl

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