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Makeup & Hair with Black Palette, Goa

Hey there lovely ladies and gents !

I have something very interesting to share with you guys today.. I am going to be doing a little set of #BTS of my wedding preps ( yes you heard it right, I’m getting married! ) to give you, my readers, an insight towards planning your BIG day and how to go about the important aspects of preparing oneself towards the day.

Like most to be brides I’m very excited to start planning my dream wedding, looking for the venue, my gown, lehenga ideas, makeup artists, shoes I’m going to wear and so on… So, for today’s post I decided to breakdown the process of finding a makeup artist and also share with “to be brides & grooms” on how to work towards their BIG day !

Lets begin with … HOW TO FIND THAT MUA (Make Up Artist) ?

Well as a girl I always dreamt of a fairytale wedding with all the color, flair and most of all,  to look my best. At the very onset of my search, I checked with friends, made a list of the MUAs I’d heard of and those recommended by friends. Being a 3 day function, I further checked on the availability and narrowed down on a few choices.


One of my top choices was a salon called Black Palette, hence I started conversing with their team. I was looking for a personalized approach and for someone who had the time to make me understand how things would work. Through my conversation with Ashma – Owner of Black Palette, I realized how the process would be, the duration it would take, what kind of looks she and her team can do… In my case, being an inter-religious marriage, I need a Hindu & Catholic wedding look and the makeup artist should be able to create the looks with ease. Also I needed the MUA to be available for over a course of 3 days ( yup ! 3 Dayyyzzzz) and she and her team were ready to take up the challenge. So I decided to go ahead with a trial and then decide whether or not I liked their work.


Many of you must be thinking how will a trial help, but it does. The make up artist understands the bride’s requirements and skin type, you on the other end, can better assess your skin’s requirements to prepare yourself before the wedding and also get a preview into how you will actually look on your big day!



I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely need to know how I’m gonna actually look on my big day. Thus my one on one conversation with young entrepreneur Ashma Kamat, set the record straight about all the little things brides needs to consider before the big day. We also discussed few TIPS FOR GROOMS too .  All FAQs discussed in my next section below !


So last Sunday I visited The Black Palette by Ashma Kamat,  and decided to speak to Ashma in person about the Look she has in mind for me! I didn’t come with any plan in my mind for how I wish to look, but I wanted my eyes to be the focus. Many girls have a certain look in mind for their weddings and that’s a great way to start, but one needs to be practical with their makeup and hair ideas, and let the MUA make you look and feel your best on the BIG day.

For my look, I always wanted a very neutral yet highlighted look for the Night. I like rosey, neutral shades but wasn’t sure how to make my makeup stand out for a night reception. Thus left it to the expert.

Being a night look, Ashma decided to go for a natural look but added a hint of sparkle to my eyes with a smokey eye with a hint of gold to match with the champaign color of my dress, also keeping in mind it’s a whole day event, she did apply a generous coat of foundation and loose powder to hold the makeup in place.


For the eyes, the choice of colors were just running through my head when she asked if i’d like a lil gold and I said yes for sure as this would stand out in the dark. She did suggest I wear false eyelashes and finished off with kajal for my lower waterline and some eyeliner to the lids to add to the drama.


For my lips I wanted a matte lipcolor and she did just that. To highlight my face and lips, a lil illuminator or highlighter dabs did justice to my look, making the makeup look very bold yet elegant. A stroke or two of blush on my cheeks just changed the contour of my face making me look more toned and confident with the look I’m to carry down the aisle.



Located at Caranzalem, well placed between Taleigao and Miramar, Ashma Kamat‘s Black Palelle cannot be missed at all.  


A few things about Ashma that you guys need to know is that she is a Commerce Graduate who was studying for her CA exams when she realised her dream to become a hairdresser and decided to go on to venture into the field.  She completed her studies and went to Mumbai, got her international Diploma and trained at the Tony & Guy Academy in Mumbai (only one in India) and then after a fair amount of time interning with Tony & Guy opportunities came by to become assistant stylist to celebrity stylists. But she had bigger plans, she decided to move on and take the risk to freelance on her own and did gigs like IFFI etc and over time decided to start her very own Salon in Goa. Her story inspired me and will definitely inspire many of young talented girls out there to take on something you truly believe in.


Black Palette just completed a year now ( on 28th March) and they are getting better as they grow. The team puts in a lot of effort into designing a look for you with a lot of questions and answers with clients and also share their perspective on how to better your looking and keeping abreast of the trends to follow today.

For those of you looking for a makeover from hairdos, to cuts and colors – she should be your go to person. Her core team has MUA Marliza Gurjão who did a great job with my makeup and hair.


  • Chit Chat with Ashma

Just before I get into the FAQs and the points discussed with Ashma, kindly note that this is a one on one conversation that I had with Ashma and I’ve put it in a question and answer format thereafter.

MG: What are the challenges you face when it comes to Bridal makeup ?

ASHMA: When clients have too many expectations they are very rigid and don’t take into consideration the inputs from an experienced MUA, that does create a little bit of a challenge. But knowing the client’s needs and wants, the goal is to reach closest to a client’s  desirable look. Each client has different skin type, hair texture etc so it does pose as a challenge to give her the exact look she may have seen on a celeb she follows. Also the bridal makeup needs to look natural and light and not feel made up and cakeish.


MG: What’s the amount of prep time is needed and how easy is it to do bridal makeup?

ASHMA: Every bride is different and wants are different so depending on the look, it easily takes about 2 & half to about 3 hours ( approx) to get bridal makeup and hair done.


MG:What’s your suggestion to brides about skin care when things get stressful and show on your skin?

ASHMA : Firstly, make sure you are hydrated at all times, irrespective of whether you have acne or breakouts occasionally, drinking water is a must to add that natural glow to one’s face. Secondly, a practice of avoiding junk food is a must as it shows on your face as you get closer to your wedding. Thirdly and most importantly, 3-4 months before the wedding, a bride must take extra care of her skin as 45 to 60 days are required for skin to heal, so don’t experiment during that time. Going in for deep cleansing facials to get rid of black and white heads or moisturising facials in the case of dry skin would be of great help. For oily skin, it’s best to go for a gel based facial which prevents possibility of any sudden breakouts.

IMG_6549.JPGMG: What according to you are  the latest trends for bridal makeup and hair ( summers vs winters)

ASHMA: Natural is the way to go. Nude shades are in and are sported by celebs and brides all across for the season. While there are some brides who still love the red lips and pop colors to make a statement.

Summers in Goa being hot and humid, I suggest keeping it as natural as possible. We at Black Palette prefer using a serum depending on individual’s skin which helps with blending makeup and which helps blend the makeup well on ones skin thereby preventing it from looking cake-ish.


MG: What in your opinion are the Hairstyle trends to follow at the moment?

ASHMA: A lot depends on The shape of your face, the length and texture of one’s hair. A one sided messy bun for you makes the right style, which may not be ideal for someone else.  

For Indian style wedding, brides must opt for a low neat bun with a few flicks of hair in the front. Simple and neat  is apt when dressing in a saree. For catholic brides, soft curls and waves are the in thing this summer season.


MG: How to maintain my hair before my wedding.  Any haircut routines women need to follow?

ASHMA: when looking at trials and grooming it’s important to maintain your mane for over 4 months prior to the wedding. You can definitely go for highlights about 6 months before the wedding if you want soft highlights to remain on till your big day.  Trims are best done 4 – 6 months in advance so if there is any correction it can be done within that time frame.

MG: Whats your tip to the Grooms on skincare and  grooming their hair?

ASHMA: Grooms that I have encountered like to go for a very new look a day or 2 days before their big day and then just don’t know how to carry it off. Thus I feel they need to be more self aware of what look they want to carry and not just follow trends and then try something new that they may not like after going in for the looks and cuts.

When it comes to maintaining their skin, men are getting very conscious and many do visit parlors and about 40% of my own customer’s are men. I honestly feel men too need to keep a tab on their diet, avoid oily food and can also think of going for a cleanse a week or two before the wedding. 

If planning to get streaks or hair color, men can plan their makeovers 3 to 4 months before the big day as keeping it for last minute is not recommended. Haircuts can definitely be done closer to the date.


So Black Palette did a very good job on not just putting up a great look in place for me, but also shared the little things that matter for better skin, hair hygiene and how to prepare oneself for the wedding season!

If you are planning a haircut this hot summer season, Black Palette has the best of cuts and colours for you.

  • Basic Haircuts for men at Rs 400 and Rs 800 for Women ( Approx, depending on length of hair)
  • Hair color also is available at Global Hair Color being priced at Rs 6,000 onwards for Medium length hair while if you go for streaks, it would come to about Rs 400 per foil ( based on technique used)

Hope you enjoyed this detailed interview and overall experience I put together for you … Also do tell me if you would like any specific topics covered based on Weddings, Makeup, Hair or maybe something new ! Just name it…

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