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Sneha Walking on the Beach
Leaving a foot print

We often wonder, what if I did this…or what if I had done that…. Well I’ve been asking myself this very question a lot lately and among all the noise and discouragement, I decided to hear my own voice and find the answer for myself. For years (since graduation) I’ve felt indifferent to the way the corporate world functions, felt the need to find myself, to stand on my own feet, be my own boss.

I’ve been meaning to start this blog (tried multiple times) but time was not on my side then. After few years of keeping my plans on hold, I’ve come to earn this time and work on something fun and at same time letting me be my own boss.  I have put my energies into writing about my experience, sharing my sense of fashion, with a little sense of humor to reach out to young folks who can relate to me and will hopefully stay with me for the long haul.

So what is  Material Girl ? Well the answer to this is simple, It’s a platform where I share my Personal Style, do a few DIY projects to get creative that is beyond fashion and lifestyle…What truly defines a MATERIAL GIRL!

Being in GOA I will also be sharing my innate experiences at home and share my story with you. I hope you too enjoy this journey as much I enjoy writing about my experience and sharing my sense of style with you!

Stay connected. Stay Creative. Stay Stylish! Be a MATERIAL GIRL!

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