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Head to Toe Natural Fix with Skin Yoga

A while back I wrote a post on the ” Un-boxing of Skin Yoga – Gift Hamper “. This was more of a sneak-peek into the different products Skin Yoga has in offer. Skin Yoga products are 100% natural which are available in a powder form. I too like most, loved the packaging of their products – in tiny glass bottles. So much of effort in put into further packaging these bottles into cute rustic wooden boxes.


I have been using these products for a while now and thought it’s time I  review some my favorite picks from the Box that really stood out! 

If you haven’t already been introduced to Skin Yoga and their lovely products, Here is a link to my ” Detox with Skin Yoga” post :

Detoxing with natural beauty products is so much better than trying harsh clinical peels, creams and supplements that are harmful for you and the environment. Clinical produce may be showing certain results but not only are they expensive, they do not work effectively on all skin types. Acid reacts with skin and if tried too early in your life, may leave a scar you can’t fix.


I for one am always in touch with my dermatologist when it comes to skin care and she too suggests very simple homemade nuskaas (tips & tricks) along with the medication she may prescribe otherwise.

In today’s post I wanted to address a few homely and natural products that Skin Yoga has brought back in their most natural form to us.


  1.       Almond Orange Face Scrub – Face Exfoliator

I never really thought of almond and orange together in one product, but this 100 % natural. This face scrub by Skin Yoga hydrates, nourishes and repairs skin. This bottle of goodness contains almond meal, gram flour, sun dried orange peel powder and turmeric. Almonds are a proven scrubbing agent when it comes to skincare . Orange contains vitamin C, a natural skin lightening formula you cannot go wrong with.

I love to use orange or lime on my face to lighten and brighten my skin especially after a tan. Exfoliation is a much required treatment for skin. It helps with getting rid of all the dead skin and let your skin breathe.  The Almond Orange face scrub gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells.

I honestly have seen the results on my face after using it about twice a week. It has brought a glow to my dry and dull skin over time. I have been religiously using Skin Yoga products for over a month and I could actually see my acne reduce and skin feel more soft and supple.

I would definitely give this Product a 4.5 on 5 rating.


  1.       Green Tea Face Mask – Face Mask

We all know how green tea is used effectively during a tea break to detox one’s body of toxins.  Green tea also helps with one’s metabolism & thereby helping one reduce weight. But have you used Green Tea in your daily routine to maintain and detoxify your skin?

Well according to Skin Yoga professionals, Inspired by the ancient Japanese skincare regime, this antioxidant rich face mask will slow down aging and wrinkles.  The 100% natural acne control formula helps remove toxins from your skin. It also gives you clear and youthful looking skin.

To get a clear understanding of this formula, I applied the mask once a week for a whole month. Here is a simple step by step method of how to apply and use the Face Mask.

  • Take about a spoon full of Face Mask powder on your palm
  • Activate the ingredients by adding a few drops of luke warm water (add  enough to make a thick paste)
  • Apply the paste on clean face
  • Leave it for 5 minutes until dry and then rinse.

Unlike other masks this one did feel a little like a scrub as the ingredients don’t dissolve completely. This 5 Minute experience was as good as a 20 minute facial in a parlor.

I would recommend wearing a mask post using the scrub.  Take about 5 Minutes of your time to pay attention to your skin, like on the weekends. This way you can see better results and actually notice some improvement in your skin.

As a rating, I’d surely say 4 on 5.

  1.       Post Workout Neem Purifier – Body Cleanser

Neem is one of the oldest natural skin care ingredient used by my granny and probably her granny as well. The Post Workout Neem Purifier contains ingredients like barley powder, pure coconut meal and pure neem leaves. Neem leaves are best solution to almost all skin problems. The bitter Neem helps get rid of bacteria and various skin allergies. This is an anti- inflammatory and medicinal cleanser apt for cleanse after one’s daily workout.

Keeping the description and the history aside, I was excited to try this body cleanser and actually experience it for myself.  Ideally used during a shower, take a few spoons and mix into a bowl of equal parts of water and after it becomes a paste, apply the same on your body. Leave it on for a while and scrub your skin well after which you can rinse it off in lukewarm water. The Neem definitely acts on your skin and you do feel naturally clean and refreshed after a bath.

To me as a user, this was a refreshing experience. It somehow did feel like a massage and cleaned the skin of excess oils from my body making it smooth and refreshing. Best when used during a shower, regular usage will free you from body acne and odor.

I honestly found this product to be very unique: 4.5 out of 5 is what I’d rate this product.


  1.    Marigold Foot Soak – Foot Moisturizer

Now this is a product that is a 5 on 5 star rating for me. Wearing open sandals and walking bare feet on the beach during summers leaves your skin dull and rough, not to mention the unwanted tan. I have always been looking for natural remedies to get rid of a tan and a product that can help me pamper my feet once in a while.

The Marigold Foot soak by Skin Yoga is magical and helps you relax after long tiring day. It contains coconut which is a natural moisturizer.  It’s also beneficial in removing a tan and moisturizing your feet.  Overall you can be freed from cracked heels as well.

Use this foot soak frequently for best results. Ideal for the monsoon season, I’d recommend you soak your legs in lukewarm water and pamper them with TLC.  Follow the method mentioned below to get the best out of the product.

Here is how:

  •         Add a small handful of the foot soak in the tub of lukewarm water.
  •         Soak your feet in it for 10-12 minutes.
  •         Towel dry both the feet.

Simple and effective is what this product surely is and a pure 5 on 5 rating as I already stated above. A favorite this season!


What is really great about all the Skin Yoga products is that they are all made of natural ingredients, No chemicals! In today’s world it’s almost impossible to find natural products available that are 100% pure and do not have any side-effects. I would totally endorse these guys for their work and recommend you all to try it to believe it.

Happy skin, Happy You !


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Photographs by  Rahul Prabhu

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