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2018: My Year My Goals

Hi guys,

Good day and Happy New Year to all of you! XOXO

Today I am in the mood to share a lil’ about me and to know a lil’ about you. To start the year on a high, I wanted to write something different from what I usually pen down that’s personal and interesting. As The New Year calls for resolutions and making plans that you can achieve (or at least hope to at some point) in the year, it got me thinking of writing a post about my goals/dreams or resolutions as most people would wanna call it!

Beach day

Year 2017 has been great and I took a break from a full day job and worked freelance for the last quarter of 2017 and now I’m back to working again. Uncertain as it sounds, I’m content with my decision to taking that break cuz now I have you guys! Who read and share lovely comments and who probably after today will have more to comment about and share (I hope!)

I started MaterialGirl as an experiment to see how well I could express myself and share with you the little things that make me happy, be it food, beach, shopping etc…  will definitely encourage boys & girls to maintain a diary or share a blog if you are passionate about something. It not only improves your skill to read & write but one can gain a sense of confidence and also get into a habit of organizing and planning for the future. Keeping aside the photos and social media, the blog has made me very confident to express my feelings and be true to who I really am. I enjoy writing and sharing what I believe in but staying in Goa I haven’t really had it easy when it comes to work- life balance, I still was eager to have it my way, which made me even more stronger and gutsy to go for it and commence with 

On the Rocks

New Year will be Bigger, Brighter and Better

I’ve put a few key resolutions that I think we all need to work towards having the balance lifestyle we all desire. Here are my 6 such resolutions!

  1. Live Healthy
  2. Manage Time
  3. Save for the Future
  4. Space Out for a Bit
  5. Learn Something New
  6. Take Material Girl to Greater Heights

Live Healthy:

OK so it’s not about diet or yoga! I am not a person who can follow a routine. But yes the plan is to start somewhere… 2018 is definitely going to be the year to stay healthy. I don’t mean that you have to go on a diet or get in shape; I am just talking about a healthier lifestyle in general. In the last few years I didn’t really care about my skin, the food I ate or the sleep regime I followed, but this year things are going to change. I want to get fitter and also work towards taking care of myself on a regular basis. Maybe exercise to set a pace for my day.

Our generation needs to realize to take care of one’s self and health on a regular. Start early cause when it comes to health you only get a few chances. If you have read anywhere to do a full body check – post 25 years of age, then it’s a must to go and have a health checkup done to keep your stress, diabetes, cholesterol in check. Also if your anemic ( mostly seen in women) it’s always good to be safe than sorry !  I am planning to get my eyes corrected sometime, so I think an eye checkup is also necessary.

To quantify my resolution, I want to get a health check-up done, trim a few inches on my waistline and also better my skin and body through a more stable diet.

Manage Time:

So this one is very important to me! I’m very bad with managing my time… 2017 just passed like a breeze and I feel I need another month to feel like I made the most of the year. I don’t mean to sound depressing but there were  a few days which seemed productive, work & life wise.


When managing time, I find it difficult to manage my blog posts and then shoots on sundays as it’s the only day i can catch a break. So for 2018 I’ve decided to plan better and make a scheduled plan for posts and plan ahead in advance rather than rushing last minute to better the quality of content I share. You too can do the same by maintaining a to do list for short term goals and maintaining a plan for the future to manage time better.

Save for the Future:

This is my personal goal; I have this big holiday planned in February and thus will need to save up for the better things post my trip. I want to have enough to spend on my home, the better lifestyle I plan to have and definitely to settle down. So yes it’s a long term plan but I have to save a lot more than I’d planned and I also suggest many of you to invest your money wisely and save as much as possible.

Comfy on the rocks

I as a practice have put my money into Life Insurance and Mutual funds which is risky but there are agencies and ways to manage your investments and help you understand the process better.

For the regular saving tips & tricks and to get into a habit of saving on unnecessary expenses I had once stumbled upon this article that will give you simple ways to save on a few expenses and make life a lot simpler and help you spurge on things that are more meaningful. Here is the link:

Space Out for a Bit:

So as I’ve already stated above, I do wanna concentrate on Material Girl and venture into fashion, I also want to do it at my pace and be at the right frame of mind to execute my plan. Once I put my mind into it, there is no backing out … The year 2018, will be all about taking out time and giving myself the space I need to find my way to getting where I want to. 

Sinking in the moment

I want to take time out and relax a bit this 2018, I know with the above stress and time invested in Material Girl I won’t have much time to relax as such, so I’ve planned a very exciting vacation that will be in the first quarter of 2018 ( yay! ) and then get on to doing things and ticking the goals off my list!

Learn Something New:

Well this is on my to do list for a long time now! I have so many things I want to learn and haven’t really done anything about it.

Splash of water

For starters, I want to learn to play an Instrument. I did try the piano and learnt a few cords on a violin a while back (in my teens) but I did really continue and have now lost touch. So I think the Guitar or even back to a violin to finish what I’d started might be a good idea. I also want to learn a new dance form or enroll myself in some jive or belly dance kind of dance forms which I love to watch and haven’t yet tried myself.  So this year I’m definitely going to make it a point to figure a way to learn and indulge in one of these hobbies and tick it off my wish list.

I think learning never stops; it only makes you more aware of the word around you. Learning also proves to be a great networking tool. So maybe learning a new language, overcoming a fear or do something daring that will add value to your life is definitely a resolution one must fulfil this year.

Take Material Girl to Greater Heights:

This year will be a lot of fun and Material Girl will grow and share the latest trends, inspirations, my routines and a lot of reviews. To better this experience I will be engaging with brands and networks to help me get the right information, worth sharing with you. I have added responsibilities, now that I’m on a 9 to 5 shift again, I’m going to have to manage my blog, shoots and also do a good job to make a living. This is a choice, and I’ve enjoyed the challenges along the way, makes me feel liberated and in control.

A good laugh

So these are my resolutions for 2018 and I believe you should too make a list of your own.

I hope this post doesn’t give you the yawns and helps you ponder on must dos for 2018 ! To make this even more exciting, How about you too put down 3 quantifiable resolutions in the comments below and we can evaluate the same at the end of 2018 and also share if you managed to complete any resolutions as the year progresses.

Lots’a love


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